Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse Playset

Playskool Heroes Marvel Spider-Man Adventures Web Racing Funhouse Playset

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Product Features & Technical Details

Product features:
  • Exclusive Spider-Man figure swings off the cycle and captures Green Goblin figure in the web trap (other figures sold separately)
  • No batteries needed, just rev to race
  • Soar around the tower
  • Spinning signs
  • Web Racing Funhouse Playset comes with an exclusive Spider-Man figure, vehicle and launcher for figure-8 racing

Package dimensions: 60.7 x 38.1 x 7.62 cm ; 1.97 kg

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Product Description

The ultimate in Spider-Man racing fun is here! In the Web Racing Funhouse, Spider-Man zips around the track before latching onto a web line, separating from his vehicle and spinning a web cage around Green Goblin! Cool features like a funhouse mirror add to the classic action-figure fun.

Team up with everybody\'s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man for a crazy funhouse adventure and help him capture Green Goblin!
There are 2 ways to play with this cool playset, action-figure play and figure-8 racing! Exclusive Spider-Man action figure swings off the motorcycle, soars around the tower and springs the web trap.
The Web Racing Funhouse playset earns its name with cool features such as spinning signs, a funhouse mirror and a pretend ball-pit crash zone! There is mischief and mayhem in this funhouse, everywhere you turn. But no matter how crazy things get, Spider-Man is able to capture the villain.
Green Goblin is up to his usual tricks, but Spider-Man has an ingenious plan to catch him! He outsmarts the villain with an awesome Super Hero stunt! First he races around the track, then grabs the web line and captures Green Goblin!
With your help, Spider-Man can make sure that the Green Goblin won\'t get away!Just push launcher for awesome figure-8 racing action. The swinging arm on playset completes the loop, and Spider-Man is on his way. Together, you and Spider-Man will always manage to save the day!
No matter what mischievous villains he meets, everyone\'s favorite web-slinger is able to save the day! Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

2013 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. The information provided here is intended to be as complete and accurate as possible; however, product names, colors and/or materials are subject to change without notice. Many of our products, including the designs and features contained therein, are protected by trademarks, patents and/or copyrights. Appropriate legal action will be taken against any infringers of these rights.

  • Action-figure play and figure-8 racing
  • Spider-Man zips around the track
  • Spinning signs, funhouse mirror and ball-pit crash zone
  • You and Spider-Man save the day
  • Big adventures for little hands
  • For ages 3 to 7
  • Includes complete track set comes with vehicle, launcher and exclusive Spider-Man figure

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