LunchBots Clicks Salad Container (6 Cup) - Stainless Steel Food Container with Leak-Proof Lid - Great for Salad, Leftovers and Healthy Lunches - Eco-Friendly, Dishwasher Safe and BPA-Free

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Product Features & Technical Details

Product features:
  • THE ULTIMATE SALAD CONTAINER: Naysayers may write off salads as rabbit food, but with a huge 6-cup capacity, our Clicks container easily makes a meal out of leafy greens! Deck out your salad with generous portions of chicken and salmon or use the container for takeout and leftovers.
  • LEAK-PROOF AND SECURE: Fruits, sauces and dressings may taste great, but they can also leave you with a messy lunch bag. Luckily, our stainless steel containers feature silicone seals that make them completely leak-proof! Just click the lid, pop it in your bag and you\'re ready to go. The Clicks are not insulated, so allow your food to cool to room temperature before sealing the lid.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: At LunchBots, we like to keep healthy food healthy! That\'s why we opted for an all-stainless steel interior. When packed in our lunch containers, your meal comes in contact with only food-safe materials. Even the lid is stainless-lined and BPA-free.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: For a quick and easy cleanup, skip the sink and throw your salad lunch container right into the dishwasher! Convenient and reusable, you\'ll save money while cutting down on wasteful plastic bags.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: With our expertly crafted boxes, bags and containers, the LunchBots team takes the hassle out of mealtime! We know you\'ll love our lunch boxes for adults and kids, but if you have any questions, let our customer service team know.

Item dimensions: ;

Package dimensions: 18.03 x 17.52 x 11.68 cm ; 0.5 kg

Product Description

<p><b>Enjoy Salads On-the-Go Without the Mess!</b></p><p>When it comes to health food, few choices are as popular and versatile as a salad. From lush, <br>nutritious greens to fun toppings like seeds and nuts, everyone can create their perfect meal. But <br>when you want to take your greens to go, you're usually left with a big mess.</p><p>Grab your fork and dig into something delicious with the Clicks Salad Container by LunchBots! <br>With a perfectly portioned 3-cup capacity, you can create the ultimate side salad with spinach, <br>berries, chicken and just about anything else. It's great for leftovers or restaurant takeout, or you <br>can pack a hearty fruit salad for dessert.</p><p>Clicks are more practical than other lunch containers because they're completely leak-proof! Our <br>lids feature secure silicone seals that let you pack dressing, sauces and other wet foods without the <br>worry of spills or messes. Lightweight and durable, they're great on-the-go and very convenient. <br>At the end of the day, just pop it in the dishwasher!</p><p>At LunchBots, we never compromise your health or safety. With an all-stainless steel interior, <br>we're able to ensure that only food-safe materials touch your meals. The lid is even stainless-<br>lined and BPA-free!</p><p><b>Why Choose Our Salad Containers?</b></p>- Perfect for salads or leftovers<br>- Leak-proof and versatile<br>- Lightweight, portable design<br>- Eco-friendly, dishwasher safe<br>- Made of 18/8 stainless steel<br></p><p><b>Our Customer Service Team is Standing By to Handle Your Questions!</b></p><p>*Stock is limited. Order today to ensure availability.</p><p><b>Order Your Clicks Now for Salads that Go Anywhere!</b></p>

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