Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function - FDA Approved for Baby and Adults - iProven DMT-489 - Upgraded Infrared Lens Technology for Better Accuracy - New Medical Algorithm (White Grey)

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Product Features & Technical Details

Product features:
  • VERY ACCURATE, FAST READINGS, FDA approved to Guarantee the Safety of you and your kids!
  • DURABLE dual mode device for measurements in Fahrenheit/Celsius.
  • EASY USABLE by Adults and Young Family Members with Health Issues or Fevers.
  • BEST DIGITAL SCREEN, lights up (with different colors) when used, for easy result indication!
  • SPECIAL PROBE, for a comfortable experience!

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Item dimensions: ;

Package dimensions: 3.04 x 3.04 x 13.9 cm ; 0.14 kg

Product Description

A thermometer to rely on

Thanks to advanced clinical testing, you will get consistent results - over and over again.

Designed with families in mind

Our DMT-489 is comfortable to use for all ages, from babies to adults.

For home use

Professional quality right at your doorstep. Without compromising on the ease of use.

forehead thermometer for kids

Head Mode

Use the Head Mode for an indicative quickscan. Suitable for all ages.

forehead thermometer for kids


ear thermometer for kids


kids thermometer


digital thermometer medical


Measure like a Pro

Acclimatize - Make sure you’ve been in the same room as your thermometer for a few minutes.


Keep it clean - Check the lens after every use.


Head Mode - Hold the head button - Swipe the forehead from left to right - Release the button.


Ear Mode - Pull the ear back & up - Aim at the eardrum - Click the ear button.

Are you prepared when fever hits?


In times of need, you only want the best. For you and your family. Look no further: our iProvèn DMT-489 is the solution when you're looking for a thermometer for all ages. It’s the perfect companion for parents with little children. It allows you to check the temperature of your toddler without waking them up. With the back-lit display, you can even do so at night.


Of course, it also works great if you want to check your own temperature! Whether you use the head mode for getting a quick indication (holding it for three seconds) or the ear mode for getting a spot-on measurement (in one click) the thermometer will give you a measurement in no time.


Why choose our DMT-489?


  • It has 2 functionalities. It has both a Forehead and an Ear function.
  • It has been extensively clinically tested and FDA approved. The time and effort invested in testing and fine-tuning this thermometer are enormous. The result is top medical quality.
  • It is extremely easy to use. The thermometer beats all other devices in the market that you have to turn on, wait for the self-test, wait to pre-warm the tip etc.


Order your DMT-489 today with peace of mind. We know you will love it. If for whatever reason you will not, we're there for you as well. You can return your product within 100 days. No questions asked.


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Mcaron Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adults - Infrared Digital Thermometer with Fever Indicator - CE and FDA Approved
Rp 475.000

Produk ini dikirim dari Los Angeles, USA

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer (Dual Mode) *CE and FDA approved
Rp 532.000

Produk ini dikirim dari Los Angeles, USA

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